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Ever since I picked up a camera, I've been drawn to capturing the real, raw and beautiful moments of life.

My approach to wedding films is all about capturing the little in between moments, the ones that often go unseen.

I don't believe in posed shots or cheesy, over-the-top editing. Instead, I aim to create films that are as unique and authentic as you are, a true reflection of your love for each other and the people around you.

So whether you're eloping, celebrating with a quirky backyard bash or anything in between, just know that I'm right here, documenting it all without getting in the way. 

When I'm not behind the camera, you can usually find me exploring nature or hanging out with my little family.


Here are 4 fun facts about me, so you know it´s totally cool to catch up with me in real:

I'm super low key and feel mostly weird talking about myself

I think and feel in pictures literally all of the time, which makes it a bit difficult to express myself with words

I got married twice … to the same man

I rarely meet someone who is smaller than me and is not a child

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